girls leotards- Leotudes | girls dresses- Chrome Classics | mama tops- PinkBlush | my jeans- American Eagle | Hollyn bow- Notes and Knots | Emery socks- Top Knots and Twirls | Emery moxfords- Sweet N Swag

Being a blogger, it's kind of in our nature to step out of our comfort zone and meet new people. We're socialable and like to make friends so it's been a blast getting to meet other AZ bloggers. There are a select few I've get together with as often as schedules permit, Fatty, being one of them but I was able to connect and meet Bethanie and Jenna recently too!

We all got together with our sweet girls and did a fun little shoot. I am seriously dying over these pictures and Emery was totally hamming up the camera. This is the shoot we went to and Emery got sick and puked in the car but you would've never known... other than the fact we smelt bad. lol!

Big thank you to Melodee of Melodee Lynn Photography for capturing these special moments for us and to Bethanie for arranging the whole evening for us.

instagram | @melodeefiske