Two things I'm going to say you need in your life:

A multi-use cover from KB Cute Designs.

First the top though. It was added to my closet maybe a month ago from PinkBlush and it's one I'm finding myself wearing all the time. The color fade and the length is perfect for casual leggings and sandals or for jeans and sandals. The delicate detail on the ruffles and off the shoulder feature is just so darling! People ask me all the time where I got it from when I'm wearing it on snapchat or instastories so HERE it is.

The cover? Who wants people sticking their hands in your babies face or the sun blaring on during a car ride? Not me. That's not nice and I don't think Hollyn wants it either. It's no secret we love the functionality of covers like this so when our dear friend at KB Cute Designs launched her line of them, we jumped! We're hosting a giveaway on instagram that closes tonight so run on over and enter!

Now I'm off to sit in bed because I have the dreaded stomach flu my girls had over the weekend. Thankful for family near by is an understatement.