Have I ever told you I thought I'd have all boys? In my mind, I'd have three boys, all toe head blondes and would wear mohawks, camo shorts and vans. Dumb is a great way to describe thinking I'd be a boy mama. God has a sense of humor and although I have one boy, I was so convinced after having Emery, our second pregnancy would be a boy.


Wrong again.

It's been a challenge yet the biggest blessing being a mom to two girls. Emery is a spit fire. She's feisty, knows what she wants, is stubborn and hard headed yet she's the most darling and has the sweetest heart. I don't want to admit this, but she's pretty much me. LOL! Which has always been my biggest fear.

Since potty training, she's proved to me and shown me how she's growing and becoming her own little person. She shares her heart and she shares her emotions. She may not have them in check right now (think teenage girl on her period) but she's also one of the greatest blessings in my life.

God knew what he was doing placing her in our family. He's helped me grow as a mom and as a daughter to my mom. We never had the greatest relationship because we too, were and are so much alike, but giving me a daughter in the same boat, it's softening my heart and teaching me about grace, gratefulness and understanding.

Forever something I'll be grateful for!

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