You guys know how much I love a soft wrap for wearing my babies and it was just about that time I needed something else for transitioning and supporting my little love more. I still use a soft wrap occasionally but I switched over to a Happy Baby Carrier about 2 weeks ago and have absolutely loved it!

Let me start saying I have this hard carrier from Emery and while it did the job, I never felt like she was supported well. I started it with Hollyn around the house for cleaning and such and again, I wasn't totally happy and satisfied with it. I found Happy Baby on instagram not very long ago so I bit the bullet and snagged a carrier from them. Haven't looked back!

Unlike a typical "hard" carrier, you put the waist strap on upside down so when baby sits, they hammock a bit more keeping their legs in a better position for support. That's what I was so nervous about with the other carrier I had because the girls never had a deep sit and their legs sort of just hung. Another benefit is being able to wear girlfriend on the front or the back! I wear Hollyn when we grocery shop and sometimes when cleaning the house if she's fussy so doing front and back for each need has been so nice.

I'm not even exaggerating saying I've worn her everyday since it's arrival! I love the ease of it and she's still close to me for baby snuggles. Yeah buddy!

Happy Baby is offering my readers 10% off with code AUBREYKINCH10 through June 30th. I encourage you to snag a soft wrap or carrier for yourself or a mama friend because they're just so great for mamahood. A must have on my list!

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carrier- Happy Baby (use code AUBREYKINCH10 for 10% off thru June 30th)