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Mother's Day. What a heavy and emotional day for some mama's while for others it's joyous and beautiful and a celebration of how strong a woman you are. I fall into the latter for the most part but I can never help but feel some sort of aching deep down for those who have angel babies, babies in different homes, women struggling with infertility or having lost a child any time in their life.

It even stings my heart knowing Drake's mom shares this day with me as his stepmom. He calls every year and shares his heart and how he loves me, he tells me he's grateful for my example and position I model in his life but if I was in his mom's shoes, it would hurt.

I know over time we've all become close and made the best of sharing our son but each coming year, I also hurt knowing he isn't with me on that holiday. Of course I understand and know how amazing his mom is and she deserves all the love and appreciation from Drake while spending the day with him. 

Before I had the girls I thought I understood but your heart aches when your babies are away from you. Whether it's with a sitter or at grandparent's homes, even while they sleep. Experiencing this on a new level when Emery was born and again when Hollyn was born, I have so much more respect and an outstretched hand towards Drake's mom for being so humble and honoring Drake having a relationship with me.

I know I'm always so vague with our household fundamentals because it's not my story to always share, We have different parties involved and now a preteen who cares if he's on my blog and instagram and I want to honor that, respect that and stay true to what God calls of me. It's just something I'm constantly praying about and thinking how I can do better, be better and honor Drake and all the parents he has.

We work hard at our relationship and staying friends and close for his sake. God wrote Drake's story long before Andrew and his mom knew he was going to be part of their lives and it's incredible seeing how it's formed and progressed and created not only two parents but four parents and four families that love, adore and cherish one son.

I thank God every day for making me a stepmom to Drake and a mom to two girls. He knew long before I did that's exactly what my mama heart needed.

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