Happy Friday, everyone! It's been a while since I've shared a life update and I thought digging a little deeper into life with three kids now would be a good way to start.

We've adjusted seamlessly with Hollyn in the bunch and I jumped right back into life after having her. I was telling a friend the other day when Emery was born, we took 4 ish weeks to get back to normal routine of church and meals and just living but with Hollyn, I was at church two days after being home from the hospital. Like we jumped right back in!

She's been easy and laid back and exactly what I needed because Emery if my feisty girl. We went away last weekend, just Andrew and I and when we came home, my MIL was saying how Emery just feels things so big. When she's happy, she's elated, when she's upset, her world is ending. It couldn't have been a better way to describe her. She is what makes my days unpredictable and quite honestly, sometimes why I don't go out in public.

Drake is my lifesaver. He's my angel and big helper. When he comes home, he jumps right in helping feed the girls, get them bathed, reading bedtime stories... anything and everything to give me a helping hand. I so look forward to the weeks he's here because I see the bond he's building with his sisters and it just makes my heart swell. Coming from the guy who did not want sisters, he's pretty damn in love with them and I can already see big brother protector coming out in the years to come. 

I have so many moments of wanting another baby and being a family of four but that ship has sailed. Fostering and adoption are on the radar so if God works that out for us, we may just be a family of four eventually.

We have made the choice to have a sitter with us twice a week starting next week because I'm working a bit more and need scheduled hours to be available. The kids absolutely love our sitter and adore her so it's a great fit for us. She goes to our church, she's always offering to help outside of the kids with grocery shopping or cleaning and honestly, she's part of our family now. She's another gift I'm so grateful for!

What was it like adding three (or multiples) to your home? Did you slowly get back into things or did you jump back in right away? Did you have helping hands with the older ones or were your hands all you had?