I'm getting myself out of my comfort zone more and more taking the kids to do things- the park, the mall, outings with friends, pool dates. We live in north Peoria and there's a community called Vistancia about 2 minutes from our house which has the best playground, club house and pool setup so when we just need to get out and go, it's our place to go hang. Thankfully, we have a friend who lives in that community so we get access through her. I'll be sad if she ever moves because that playground has a lot to live up to!

All while doing those outings I find myself thankful for strollers or baby carriers. I only have two hands and about 47 things to carry along with two little ones and a preteen so those happen to be my saving grace in times I need to strap in everyone and just go.

We added the Austlen Entourage stroller to our house recently and it's been our go-to grabbing for everything lately. I know we will soon be out of the phase being able to get Emery content in a stroller but for now, this works so well for us as it has the option for a second seat so both girls are contained and we could opt for the sit + stand feature for Emery when she's over being strapped in.

I just love products that are thoroughly thought out with the parents in mind giving so much versatility and functionality for everyday tasks. Austlen did it right with this offering storage, ways to convert with one seat or two, a sit and stand option, food tray for the front seat, additional seat covers to adjust more to the mama's style (me! gotta love stripes!) and even a cargo bag if you're headed to the pool or beach and need additional storage. I have grocery shopped with this stroller the last few weeks because of the storage offered and it steers like buttahhh. Perfection.

To sum it up, I love having products on the market that making being a mom easier. I don't feel quite as overwhelmed tackling tasks out with the little ones because I know I can wrap, strap them in or keep them happy with snacks. Does anyone else use bribery with their kids? I do all the time... and it works! Mom hack for ya, right there.

jeans- American Eagle | tee- American Eagle | sandals- Target | diaper bag- Itzy Ritzy | stroller- Austlen | blanket- Ecuadane



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