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Everyone says it at one point, they're making a lifestyle change. They're doing all the things to incorporate more into their lives that are healthy, smart and intentional choices to maintain a better lifestyle. My kids have seen me eat what I want, when I want. They've watched me gain weight, lose weight and not ever really be happy with myself. They aren't strangers to the occasional drive thru at Chick-Fil-A or Panda Express.

There, I said it.

But back in May, it hit me. You know this by now with my posts here and there but truly, it all the sudden clicked to me. I have the choice to fuel my body with foods that keep me feeling great and lively or I can stuff my face with sugars, processed items and things that make me feel lethargic, sick and hung over, essentially.

No thanks. That's why I've finally started to adjust things in our home. This isn't only for me but for my kids. If they don't see their mom and dad making wise choices, they won't model by example. 

Right around the time I started working in solids for Hollyn, I attended a BLW class and the main foods she was talking about are definitely in our home but typically sat in the refrigerator only to go bad. What a waste of time shopping, money on groceries and good, HEALTHY food! It was in that moment it clicked I needed to get those goodies and put them to use! Teach my new baby all about yummy fruits and veggies, great protein and ways to chow down with a healthy way.

I also started a program called Body Pursuit at the same time. I have a personal trainer who texts me throughout the week, encourages me to stay on track and still loves me when I have a bite of Annie's mac n cheese. She's the perfect balance of tough love and keeps me motivated.

I've been dropping weight and feeling so much better about myself. I've found a routine for grocery shopping and I've altered the way we eat too. Today, I wanted to share a few things we've adjusted in our home.

I've updated my grocery shopping method to keep me from grabbing at things we don't need and picking up items I'm only wanting because I'm seeing them and they look good. IE: cupcakes, ice cream, donuts... you know the drill. I typically shop at Fry's (I think it's Kroger in other states) and they offer a service called Click List. Basically a mom's dream! It's a grocery pickup service so I order everything online, schedule a day and time to pick up and then I'm eliminating the browsing aspect of shopping and I'm not wrangling 3 kids in a store praying people don't notice my circus.


I'm now buying all organic foods. There are some exceptions to this when it comes to hosting parties and having soda on hand or when I'm treating my husband to a favorite meal of his but for the most part, organic it is. I'm also investing on Grass Fed and Free Range proteins. I've learned so much from my trainer, Tahnee and it's all about fueling your body with good things. Removing chemicals, pesticides and anything processed will inevitably make you feel a lot better.

Becoming active. This is so hard for me. I work from home doing a desk job which doesn't allow for a lot of time to be outside and active. It's hot as heck in AZ right now and humid with monsoon season so going outside to do anything also just sucks. I've been building in workouts to my scheduled 3-5 times a week every morning. I do this when Hollyn goes down for her first nap and while Emery can stay busy coloring or playing dolls. When Drake is home, he's working out with me! He and I have written down our stats monthly and are keeping track of our progress. We're accountability partners and it's a good routine for us!

Give yourself grace. Making adjustments to your life is not easy. Things happen like vacations and eating out with family but you can still be mindful of what you're consuming and putting in your body. Hold the dairy and butter and opt for more greens and protein, have a cup of berries instead of a scoop of ice cream. Most of all though, give yourself grace when you have a weak moment. You will have them! And that's okay, just pat yourself on the back for recognizing it wasn't an ideal situation and you're going to make a better, healthier decision with your next meal.

This really is all so new to me. I grew up dancing competitively and battling with my weight was not at all on the fore front of my mind. I was a size 2, 110 pounds and was dancing 6 days a week, 5 hours a day. That kept me at my best so learning to make a priority now is something beyond foreign. I'm learning though! I'm proud of myself and of Drake for sticking to a plan. The most important thing to me is living a long life to watch my babies grow and see their babies grow alongside my husband and making these changes are impacting that alone.