That's right! We made another move making it a 4th house since April 2015. Can you believe? I still can't really believe it but maybe if I explain a bit more... you'll grasp our reasoning.

We've been on board with finding homes at a low price, living in them, investing a bit and then selling high. It's always worked out for us well and we make a substantial amount of money with each move, giving us the flexibility to have a lower mortgage and ultimately, pocket and save for that dream home of ours.

If you've followed since 2015, you know we thought we were getting into our dream home around Spring that year but after the developer really was vague and told us some false information, we backed out. That lead us to finding a home that we called our "temporary home" in a city we didn't ultimately want to be long term and we saved. We then found one more house in the area of town we loved, but again, not the perfect home long term. We sold, we moved and now we're leaving that house for one that's in our perfect area, single story and checks off most of our boxes.

We're so excited for this change and what it means for our family. Ideally, we will be here longer than all the other homes but do have dreams down the line to still find land and build our home unique to us. If I've been MIA, you now know why! ;)

Stay tuned on instagram as I show more behind the scenes of the new place and our moving process.

Special thanks to Minted for always keeping our families up to date with our moves. These announcements were just too cute to pass up!