Never did I think I'd have girls yet here I am with two and two that are completely opposite personalities from the other. One who has the highest highs and lowest lows. She's a firecracker and keeps me on my toes. The one who is the wild card and I'm not ever sure what mood I'll get. Whereas on the opposite end, that chill, easy and laid back demeanor. Always going with the flow and happy as can be.

I needed the latter. ;)

It's been so fun watching them learn about each other and create a little sister bond. Emery either loves or hates Hollyn but when she loves her, it sure makes my heart sing! She's all snuggles and hugs and kisses and telling her how much she loves her. Other times, if Hollyn even looks at Emery, she screams and can't even deal with her existing in the same room. It's a roller coaster and I'm sure it's giving me a glimpse into the future of sisters fighting over clothes and friends and who gets to have the pink sparkly backpack for school.

I thank my lucky stars for them daily. It's sure teaching me to be a mom that examples love, kindness, confidence and grace.

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