Mom and dad had a night without the babies! What an amazing weekend it was. It's been such a busy season of life lately and we've been finding it hard to sit and just breathe, just the two of us. Of course we have moments of hanging out as a family and connecting then but speaking over a crying 2 year old and squeaking 1 year old isn't easy and we needed some calm.

Last week, I talked to my mom who happened to call right in the middle of a breakdown I was having so Saturday night, she called and offered to take the babies for a sleepover. We jumped at the opportunity to send them to Nona and Papa's house! We ordered in pizza, drank wine (and beer), caught up on some shows and actually slept in and had breakfast out. We were able to talk without fighting over the babies! Yahoo!

It's so important as parents we spend time focusing and being intentional on each other. I know I want recognition from Andrew and vice versa and it was exactly what we needed to feel refreshed and hit the restart button.

Even after getting the babies before church Sunday, we had a long afternoon nap together, which never happens, and it was just so nice. I can't even express how much I needed that!

How was your weekend?