Celesita Brown Traditional Rug- Well Woven | couches- American Furniture Warehouse | ottoman- Wayfair | poufs- Wayfair | throw pillows- HomeGoods | kid table- IKEA | lamps- Target | cotton garland- Potato Barn | Come As Your Are sign- Kinch Design Co | basket- AllModern | Peoria Pillow- Linen & Ivory

Rugs completely change a space. Like completely. I have always gravitated towards neutral and softer looking rugs with minimal color to easily change the spaces in our home throughout decor and pillows but I'm at the point doing the opposite is right on target.

When moving into our new home, I thought hard about making smart and curated decisions with our home decor to make sure what's seen throughout truly reflect our style and presence. We want our home to ultimately feel warm, inviting and comfortable so when we're entertaining, people walk in and make themselves at home. That's something I take pride in. Making sure it smells clean and cozy, and everything we have on walls down to throw blankets, pillows and rugs are something people find welcoming.

I chose to update the rug in our main family room to really make an impact! I went bold and a lot more colorful than I typically would go for and I don't regret it one bit. This rug from Well Woven is one I've had my eye on since I found the company on Instagram and couldn't stop thinking about it. I had a gut feeling it would pair our rustic, eclectic style really well and I was right! I perfectly fit into our space with our deep charcoal ottoman and navy poufs, down to the greige couches and faux fur detailing.

I just love how changing one little thing in a room makes a huge impact and gives a completely new vibe! I'm a rug snob, I think you all know this by now and Well Woven has definitely earned a repeat customer!

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Happy Monday!