bubble bath, body wash- Tubby Todd | knit doll- Cuddle + Kind | jammies- KicKee Pants | backsplash- B Darling

It's not a lie we are sent PR goodies all the time and some of those end up in a box going to donations or to a women's shelter while others are used continually and I'm then buying after the fact because I love them. I am an open book and will only share the latter with things I personally tell everyone about and am keeping stocked after the fact and a recent package from Tubby Todd is one of those things!

I haven't been a die hard only one bath wash, kind of mama with the kids - I try a lot and haven't found one I have continually purchased but I will be buying Tubby Todd from now on! It's natural, safe and gentle for sensitive skin and smells incredible!

I lather my babies up with the lotion after baths and can't stop smelling them because I love it so much. I'm also soaking up sink baths as long as I can with the bubble bath because that will end sooner than later and I need my babies to stay babies foreverrrr!