My sister-in-law and brother-in-law welcomed their sweet baby girl earth side Sunday, October 29th during a whirlwind delivery. They were so bummed they couldn't come to Colorado and celebrate Grandpa's life at his service on October 28th and we all thought they'd have the baby while we were out of town and God sure is funny, orchestrating it to happen just like that.

Brielle (God's bravest woman) Ann (favor and grace) was born in the afternoon after a few short hours of laboring - such an answered prayer for my sister! I was so grateful they were able to have the time to themselves soaking her up without two sets of families pounding down their doors to meet their new bundle of love. I think those first few hours, days and weeks are precious and intimate and meant to be for mom, dad and baby, as much as possible.

I had the pleasure of shooting newborn pictures when she was 6 days old and ughhhh, the baby fever is real!!

Sweet Elle, auntie loves you! May God bless you always.