stroller- Maxi-Cosi | jeans- American Eagle | top- PinkBlush | shoes- Target | bag- Fawn Design

Is that an oxymoron or what? I don't think Motherhood could ever be a breeze because kids quite simply keep us busy and on our toes but in general, there are tools and resources we can put in place that make it a touch more smooth. Since having two little ones, I'm all about adapting them to my daily life and that means errands, making plans, needing to get things done and while doing so, I need them contained.

That's why I love the invention of a double stroller. The Maxi-Cosi Dana For2 makes trips out with the girls a whole lot easier than if I didn't have gear containing them. Two seats, two large storage baskets, a cup holder for my giant coffee and the ability to recline their seats when nap time hits.

See?? Motherhood can be a breeze when companies think of functionality when designing baby gear!

Can we also talk about these shoes? They popped up on my instagram feed when I was scrolling a few weeks back being at Target and naturally, I'm at Target every other day, I looked and looked and kept checking back and finally found them at a Target further from our home. Snagged them, love them and tell everyone they should pick some up too.

Honestly, I didn't think I would wear them too often but still wanted to add them to my closet and I find myself grabbing for them more than my trusty sneaks or strappy sandals. Win win win, y'all.