stroller- Quinny x Rachel Zoe | leggings- Lululemon 7/8 | hoodie- PinkBlush | carryall tote- Logan & Lenora (code AUBREYLL15 for a discount)

I'm going to be as open and transparent with you right now as I can be without being too vulnerable and sharing too much. How vague is that?! ;)

Since Hollyn was born, I've had a hard recovery. Like HARD. Physically, it took a toll on my body that I never endured after having Emery and it's something just in the last 2 months, I've finally started to feel better. I've been to my OB, my primary doctor, a specialist, and they all were leaning towards pushing me having a hysterectomy. Vague enough? Again, sorry!

Because it's been a huge adjustment and learning curve just functioning on a regular basis, I've been trying to find ways to keep my mood lifted and on top of everyday life and going on a walk helps tremendously!

People told me that from the beginning and although we were out walking a lot when Hollyn was first born, it fizzled out because of the temps increasing in AZ so now that's it's cooled again, it's such a mood booster! I grab the kiddos, fill our big bag of goodies, blankets, and snacks for the park and hit to road in our Quinny x Rachel Zoe Moodd. We blare some music, laugh and chase each other the whole way and by the time we're home an hour or so later, we have happy hearts, tired feet and ready to get some down time.

But that fresh air just makes the day so much better!