Happy Friday!

This week was a doozy. Between sickness and Drake starting winter break and finishing up client projects before clocking out today, I could use a glass of wine. Or 5.

Funny story, a few weeks back, I was having a margarita, then another and then a third but I never have that much... like ever. I was so darn hungover the next day and I still haven't had a single sip of alcohol since then. I may never again.

That sure made me feel old. And haggard.

Here are some favorites from my week

:: This planner is the one I chose for 2018. Simple, clean, and filled with all the organization I need. Corie knows where it's at with OCD people, like myself. I have washi tape and stretchy bands from her too. You know, to spice things up.

:: Well, isn't this dress darling? It's in my cart... I may have to pull the trigger real soon. I get asked a lot where I shop these days and honestly, PinkBlush is a go-to of mine. The selection is endless and I feel like their inventory works well on so many bodies. Just food for thought.

:: Oils. I finally wrote a page more in depth about essential oils and why I chose Young Living because I've started to openly share us using them. It took me a while to be honest about that because I didn't want to be "that" person. I guess I'm that person now but I'm passionate about how Young Living has changed out household sooooo, here's the page.

:: Today is the anniversary of when Andrew proposed 9 years ago!! I think that's why I love winter even more and this time of year. It's magical in itself, but the sentiments it brings are precious.

What are some of your favorites from the week?