top- PinkBlush | cardigan- PinkBlush | jeans- AE | bag- Logan & Lenora (code AUBREYLL15 for a discount) | shoes- DSW | necklaces- Made by Mary

Happy Sunday! Can you believe it's Christmas Eve?! I just love this time of year because it's so magical and stunning just celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It's even better in the eyes of little ones and I can't wait to see the babies faces light up tomorrow when they see all our gifts we've made for Jesus set out for him, just as the three Wise Men brought him gifts when he was born.

I shared on Instagram last week how we don't exactly celebrate Santa and hype him up during Christmas time. We actually try to focus on how Christmas is Christ's birthday and do things to honor Him. That's not to say we don't acknowledge Santa Claus, as we have family members who do and celebrate that way but we just like to push it back to Jesus.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and stay safe!!