gold stack rings- c/o Mickey Lynn | pendant necklace- c/o Mickey Lynn | striped top- PinkBlush | cardigan- PinkBlush

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Happy Wednesday! It's been a crazy week for us so far as Andrew started a new job that's been long awaited but it's so exciting for us and the season of life we're in. He's been with Discount Tire Co for the last 12.5 years and we thoroughly enjoy the company and what they stand for. Since his accident though, his hand has given him trouble and stress that's only amplified so we've taken time to pray about transitioning to a different position and he's finally made that switch!

He's still with Discount Tire but working in the sales side doing a desk job now. His hours are much more consistent which is the exciting part for our family. He's now home nights and weekends! Seriously, that's the biggest blessing and something we're completely over the moon about.

That said, it's giving us a ton more time together to really enjoy as family and it's a breath of fresh air being able to say we're simplifying.

On the flip of that, I began taking design clients again for December and 2018 and the response has been incredible! I absolutely love what I do and so appreciate the trust and value in providing branding for other businesses online presence.

Speaking of branding... Mickey Lynn is literally DREAMY. Can we discuss their instagram right now? And their simple, delicate and stunning pieces? I was ohh-ing and ahh-ing over their feed the other night and can't help but share how thought out and beautiful it is. I'm wearing the Impact Ring(s) and Palm Druzy Necklace in the image above - loooove!