+ optimistic. new things are on the horizon and it's incredibly exciting. will share soon.

+ empowered. oils have changed our life and home and seeing them work each season we embrace gives me all the feels.

+ strong. after digging into Barre3 more and more, I'm feeling stronger and more passionate about making it a normal part of my daily life.


+ everything from American Eagle. as always.

+ Emery's new commitment to ballet. she is just a sweetheart when she's out doing something and learning new things. it's a challenge for me to commit to those types of things but she thrives in those environments. it's good for her and for me to watch her grow.

+ shiplap! I always have but we're on the cusp of adding a lot to our home and I can't wait to see how it all plays out. I'm deciding between natural wood and white in a few spaces and we all know white will likely win.


+ to finalize Easter plans. the OCD in me is having a mental breakdown thinking about it and how no plans on either side of our families have been made. it makes me want to host and invite everyone but also, I don't want to do that again.

+ to quit sugar... but I have an addiction, truly. tips? suggestions? how do I cut the crack?

+ to purge! it's about that time I am feeling overwhelmed by the closets and what has accumulated so I'm about to go through and pitch it all. nothing like a good cleanse to step into Spring.


Do you have anything special going on in March? It's spring training month in AZ so I'm sure we will try to make it to a few games and enjoy the outdoors before it's insanely hot. Two years ago, we headed out to a spring training game an hour after we found out we were having our Hollyn Grace! Fun memories, I tell ya!