all woven baskets and wire baskets - Michael's | shelving - Dec1 Designs | rug - Target | framed picture - Minted | woven hanging - Target | thieves cleaning collection - Young Living

We move and each time we get settled and really feeling like it's our home when Andrew drops the bomb on me and we're suddenly moving again. But this time, we're staying put. We're on the 7 year plan to pay off our home and because I'm damn determined to make that happen, we're starting doing projects to make our space completely us.

A friend of Andrew's is such a talent and incredible at his craftsmanship and he just finished up adding custom floating shelves in our laundry room. It was a simple and plain builder grade space before and with him just adding in shelving with industrial styled hardware, it's a whole new, and gorgeous space!!

I don't typically draw towards the brown tones but I wanted this area to be more industrial and boho so when I found this rug at Target and the wire baskets at Michael's, I knew exactly how I wanted this space to be transformed.

Dec1 Designs was incredible at catching my vision and giving me insight and professional feedback based on what I wanted while pairing what would be doable and sustainable for longevity and style. I couldn't be more pleased with how Mike updated this space for us!

Now on to the next project with him... sliding barn doors! Yay!