Okay, you asked and here it is! I shared about a week ago we finally did the classic subway tile backsplash in our kitchen for less than $100 ($81) and people were shocked! It really was that cost effective and budget friendly so this would be best to just break down and share what we purchased for you to see from there.

As far as installation, we have our good friend, Mike who is the owner of Dec1 Designs (@dec1designs) and he always helps Andrew and I our with random projects around the house. His wife and I are good friends and our kiddos play together all the time so if you have a handy man for a friend, loop them in on helping install! You will need a tile cutter and they can be rented from Home Depot for like $20.


First off, you have to measure your square footage. Of course price will fluctuate depending on what you need to cover with space so keeping that in mind - here's our information. Also, full disclosure, the below is going to look a bit messy because it's all iPhone screen shots but this shows the product we snagged for better reference.

Festival White Subway Tile

You may not have a Floor & Decor locally but because we do, we went there. I believe white subway tile is typically .23 cents each at Home Depot or Lowe's and Floor & Decor was .15 cents so already, way cheaper! We opted for the traditional 3x6 sizing and because of square footage we needed to buy for, we just bought 3 full boxes of tile at $12.00/box.

Mapei Type-1 White Adhesive

This is your adhesive to apply to the back of each tile to adhere to the wall. Some people had questions asking if textured walls matter and no, it doesn't. Just grab this for your project and it'll do the job seamlessly. Cost is roughly $12.00.

Mapei Silver Unsanded Grout

So the picture is not showing the color we chose because I picked something else. I ended up going with the color "Silver" which turned out to be the perfect choice for our home. Our countertops are builder grade granite with a ton of warm and cool tones so it worked perfectly. We aren't going to be changing the countertops while in this home so overall, it was a good choice. Also, make sure your snag the unsanded grout. Cost is roughly $12.00.

Mapei Unsanded Siliconized Acrylic Caulk

Again, this is showing a different color but whatever grout color you choose, get the same unsanded siliconized acrylic grout color. This is to touch up all the edging of the tiles where grout doesn't meet and seal up any gaps. Total cost on this roughly $7.00.

Festival Ceramic Bullnose

This is a tricky one because you'll need to take a look at your kitchen and see which areas are needing a rounded edge finish over the standard tile edging. We needed 10 total for our project so total cost came in at $7.20.

So there you have it! Those are all the items we used when working on this project and our grand total was $81.62. Insane, right?! What projects are you working on with your home? Ours is never ending but it's so fun actually getting them marked off the list!