Okay, this little lady is just melting my heart lately! She's almost 20 months and still the tiniest peanut but her personality is coming out and it's so fun to see her similarities and differences to her older siblings. She's talking up a storm now and knows what she wants - I mean, that girl is relentless until she gets it, too. 

She's breaking in a few teeth, which I think are her last ones. Praise the Lord! She isn't sleeping quite through the night. It's maybe once a week we get a full night of her sleeping while the others are up around 3am. Guys, she's going to be 2 in a handful of months here and that is slowly killing me. Angel from day one only waking up once or twice but 20 months in and I'm like.... when will this end? Will it ever end?!!

We have been dealing with some constipation issues with her and it literally breaks my heart. We did find a resolution for it recently, which has been a blessing but man, those few months of constantly struggling and her screaming from pain was so intense and broke my freakin' heart!!

She's finally getting into 9-12 month clothes and wearing things her sister wore when she was around 8 months. It's crazy how different they are in size. I thought having two girls at the same time of year, they'd be wearing all the same clothes during the same seasons because of sizing but nope. Hollyn is so behind on that scale. We just introduced size 2 diapers and she's actually wanting to already potty train so that's hysterical.

Anyway... wanted to update here this sweet baby! We love her to pieces. She really makes our family whole.

Happy Friday, friends!