When I say Emery has the softest, sweetest heart on the planet, you have to understand it's so very true. It's innocent and she just wants to do all the things right and right the very first time. She strives to be the best and gets so conflicted when she can't quite get it right and she has the most OCD tendencies I've ever seen in a little tiny soul before.

So when we introduced her chore chart a bit over a year ago, she was so upset when she wasn't able to accomplish making her bed by herself, which was on her task list. It was a struggle every single day and she was always crying and crying in defeat. I saw Beddy's on instagram maybe 6 months ago and kept toying with the idea of their product - well we jump on board after her most recent meltdown to help ease her frustrations and make doing her daily tasks enjoyable again - seriously, she loves her chores!

The whole concept is a zipper! Kind of like a sleeping bag, but better, and stylish! I was skeptical but it's a dream, so much ease and quality material and comfort and look don't go out the window. It's hilarious how happy she gets about making her bed every day now and shows everyone who comes over her "zipper bed". Total win! I seriously loooove products that make being a mom easier.

Let's break down a few things that have helped us make doing chores with toddlers successful!

Tweak items in the home to make their chores more on their level. Like we did with her bed, we've also switched locations of the dishes and utensils so she can easily empty the dishwasher or put her dishes in the sink for those. Whether it's adding a step stool somewhere so they can reach an item they need to grab for doing their chores, or leaving a pair of shoes out for them to throw on if they need to pick up toys outside - do it!

Create a chore chart!! Nothing got Emery more excited about a chore chart. It gives her the sense of accomplishment and she loves checking off the circles. It also helps me stay on track with doing them daily to make sure she's earning her "allowance". You can download the chore chart I made Emery and Drake, here.

Pick a prize or allowance each week they will be earning. We started out with a prize box where I stocked up on $1 and $1 items from Target and when she filled her chore chart for the entire week, she was able to pick something from the prize box. Now, we've opted for doing money because we're wanting her to learn the value of tithing, saving, and "play" money.

Make it fun! Play music, make chores part of the every day routine so it doesn't become a hassle or pulling teeth for doing them. I try to do my daily house duties right along with the three kids during their chore time so everyone has tasks going on and things to be checking off their lists.