Let's talk about sex ba-by. Let's talk about you and me.

Just kidding. Let's not do that. But let's DO talk about the amazing ways oils can support you and your hubby and how you can be using them in the bedroom! Every time I mention this idea people tend to be mindblown and want all the details so I'm hoping I don't miss anything here that you can snag through Young Living to up the ante on your next time between the sheets! ;)

Whether it's a back massage, legs being rubbed down or unspeakable areas, this baby smells and works like a charm. Perfect for you and your man and it's filled with Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, and Geranium it gives a romantic aroma so you better keep it on hand.

I like pairing these two to go in with a bang! How awkward is this blog post but you guys!! It's highly requested - I'm just giving it to ya straight. The black pepper + peppermint EOs together gives an icy hot feeling so steer clear of actual areas because it could be intense. Instead, apply on inner thighs, bottoms of feet, behind ears... etc. They're both able to be ingested so if that's your thing, have at it!

This is the oil known for Courage and Bravery and sometimes I need that in the bedroom. Haha! It helps I wear this as my perfume so I can be ready at a moments notice.

This is for your man! With Idaho Blue Spruce, Orange, and Bergamot it's the perfect combo to get him riled up and quickly. IBS is great for men as it may help to increase testosterone levels. It smells woodsy but a little sweet, increases awareness of love & relationships, and “let's the stallion out of the gate”! Boom. Job done.

Pop this baby in the diffuser with Cypress and create a romantic, moody atmosphere. It's always a sign when it's going in the diffuser that something will be going down that night. Or someone... ;)

If you know, you know. I could talk for days about Pro +. This serum contains a natural progesterone from wild yams that helps to balance hormones. It has done wonders for me with hormonal issues from skin to my mood and everything in between. I definitely notice when I have spaced applying it (so does my husband- poor man!). And where does it come into play in the bedroom? Helps enhance libido! I apply 3 drops in the morning on my forearms and 2 drops on the same spot at bedtime.

Because sometimes life is hard and all you want to do is sleep after a long day of work, kids, dinner, bath time... roll some En-R-Gee on the bottoms of your feet around dinner time for a pick-me-up for an evening devoted to your hubby and making sure you two are connecting and staying intentional.

Known as a powerhouse oil and really speaks for itself. Hehehehe.

Now that I've fully embarrassed myself I think it's time to call the posts quits! In general, oils are so so versatile and perfect for people to use in so many areas of their life. Don't even care about the wellness side and just want a good time in the sheets with your man? This is your nudge. Have a good Sunday evening.... *everyone runs to their oil shelf and pulls all the things for tonight*


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