Welcome to the new blog!! I am going to be totally honest, I wanted nothing to do with reworking my blog for something fun for fall so I snagged a template from Etsy and I'll be tweaking it with my logo and fonts over the next couple days. I wanted warm and inviting with the colors and something I can play around with over time. Plus, I'm trying to get better about blogging regularly again so it's the refresh I needed to get excited!

Coffee talk, yes?


What is microneedling good for?
I went to Carly for microneedling with PRP (here) for help treat some sun spot, acne scarring and uneven skin tone. I struggled BAD with acne as a teen and even through my adulthood so combating the left over mess was something I wanted to get control of. I did a series of 3 treatments, 1 with PRP and 2 without and after, my skin was glowing, smooth, no longer discolored and the acne scarring was gone. Highly recommend this treatment but make sure to do it only when your acne or irritation is under control. It's invasive (just being honest) so if you go in with a rough foundation to start, it'll just poke the bear and make your face angry.

Have you used Botox & Dysport? Preference?
I have done both! I prefer Dysport over Botox because it's more cost effective and my injector, Carly, has it on hand all the time. It works the same as Botox, which you likely hear more about, however, it's targeting the same and you'll achieve the same results.

What do you use to clean your face? I have horrible acne and can't get rid of this!
I've been using all product from Young Living and love how much it's changed my skin for the better! I also struggle with acne that flared up after having my girls so finding something that worked well for me was a lot of trial and error. That said, here is my routine:

  • Wash with Orange Blossom Face Wash daily, morning and night
  • Use Witch Hazel (here) as a toner all over my face with a cotton pad
  • Apply 4-5 drops of my Glow Baby serum - recipe here

And that's it! It sounds so basic but everything in the Glow Baby serum targets my skincare needs and is broken down in that instagram post. I'm linking the products also in the recipe below which I find on Amazon and restock as I need to make the serum every 6-8 weeks.

Botox- Does it hurt? Any advice/suggestions/comments on lip injections?
Botox - Not at all! I think people have thoughts it would hurt based on injecting with a needle but it's not even a pinch - at least not for me. You can hear a slight crunching sound and it's totally weird, not going to lie!! But never is it painful and never do I bleed from it.

Injections - I've done them a few times and while I wasn't doing it to really plump or give myself these huge, luscious lips, it was more for making symmetry with my upper and lower lip, but I didn't think it made enough of a difference to continue doing it. I feel like I had slight results with 1 full syringe of filler but I get the same results with a "lip flip". This is where Botox or Dysport is injected right on your lip line and is softens those muscle so your lips naturally pout and plump a bit more. I opt for this every time I touch up my 11 and hair line.

I'm 27 and have no idea what skincare products I should be using - do you have any tips?
Prevention is everything! Start using essential oils for fine lines, wrinkles, redness, irritiation, blemishes... etc. Even if you have great skin now, you can never be too cautious about showing it some love. The above Glow Baby serum would be a great place to start! Also, Botox! Starting now when you don't have deep wrinkles or lines is the best to help prevent them from settling in over time as you naturally age. Finding the right injector for this is key though! You never want to look unnatural or "done" so make sure to communicate your desires openly and start slowly because you can always go back for a touch up!


Because I'm talking so much about skincare and my routine on this post, if you're an AZ local and want to come to an event Carly and I are hosting next week, please do!! Here is a link to the invite, DM Carly to RSVP and I can't wait to meet you!!

I hope you all have a good weekend and come back next week for more. Submit any Coffee Talk questions with subject: "Coffee Talk" to - aubreykinch@gmail.com