Happy Friday! I want to get connected weekly with you all about things I'm getting questions on throughout the week to pull posts easily for you, to learn more, tips and tricks, and simply talk about some things we're loving over in the Kinch Home! We have the girl's joint birthday party next weekend so I'm doing last minute prep items for that this weekend and seriously debating taking Christmas decor out of storage and throwing it in every room for some holiday cheer.

It's too early. I know this.


What would be the oil blends to use if you want your home smelling like a Christmas tree?

I love using Christmas Spirit for making the house smells like a Christmas tree. It's the perfect mix of Spice and Pine so it's the best of both worlds. I also diffuse Thieves with Orange and Cinnamon Bark and it reminds me of baking gingerbread cookies. There are so many possibilities! Grab you kit, here, and add those yummy oils to your order!

What is your go-to coffee shop?

As much as I'd love to say something local, small and quaint, we live in an area of town that doesn't have much that's closer than 25 minutes away so I'm a Starbucks girl.

What if your favorite drink when it's cold out? When it's hot out?

When it's cold outside, I go for a triple grande 3 pump vanilla latte with breve but I'm normally an iced coffee girl all the time, even when it's cold and that drink is a triple grande iced 3 pump vanilla latte extra ice in a venti cup. I'm so extra.

Now that your husband is home more often with you, do y'all get along better or worse?

Surprisingly, we get along great being together throughout the day and I would even say our marriage has gotten better. We've always done well in close quarters - which we learned when he was off work for his hand injury - and spending time with each other, we have boundaries and respect each other's time with commitments and busyness and work loads but also balance each other and tag team the kids well. It's such a great opportunity we've been blessed with to work together in our home after 8 years of him being at Discount Tire and gone 13 days.

Do you think baltic amber teething necklaces work?

Yes, I totally do! Hollyn has worn one from about 4 months on and we had our first one break so during the couple days she wasn't wearing one as we waited for a replacement, she was a drooling, crying, grumpy girl. This is the one we have. I've heard the lighter the color the more potent it is and you want unfinished beads versus the shiny ones because they are stronger, too.

Any tips on getting a blog started?

Just do it! I feel people are in their head thinking it's over saturated and everything you want to do has already been done but other people aren't YOU. Choose to make your blog unique, evoking your personality and style and people will come and love it. Also, invest in your branding so you are proud and feel like you're completely represented through your site and social media platforms.


Thanks for chatting with me today! I hope you all have a good weekend and come back next week for more. Submit any Coffee Talk questions with subject: "Coffee Talk" to - aubreykinch@gmail.com