How do you get yourself going with time management and being focused?

I block schedule my time and getting a babysitter was a huge deal for me. About a year ago, I was working a ton and didn't have Andrew home helping with the kids so I knew for myself to be productive and efficient with my current client work, I needed extra hands a couple days a week. We chose to have my cousin start watching the girls 2 days each week and that was valuable to me knowing I could schedule all my client calls, meetings, errands... etc during those 16 each week I had a sitter.

Similarly, while I had the extra hands, I made sure to use my time wisely. Scrolling IG can be such a time suck and to avoid that, I will Sunday night planning out my week and what needs to be accomplished in my planner and when it comes up during my days, I'll set a timer on my phone and focus only on one task at a time. For example, I'll start with emails so I'll do my timer for 30 minutes and only work on getting through my inbox during that time. Once it up, I'll break 2-3 minutes and set it for 20 minutes and work on scheduling social media posts. It proves to keep me on track and productive without getting side tracked!

Do you drink?

Alcohol? Yes! We aren't huge on drinking but will have the occasional one at dinner or events. I don't like beer but will do white wine or cocktails - typically a margarita of some sort.

How did you and Andrew meet?

I grew up dancing competitively so when I was 11 I met Andrew's sister, Alisha, who I was really close with all throughout my childhood and teen years. I met Andrew that way so it was a really easy transition to go from being friends to being lovers plus it gave us the opportunity to already be part of each other's lives as our teen years happened. I was in a bad relationship, he had a child at 18 so we already knew about all the extra and walk through it.

How often do you and Emery have "mommy and me" days?

Because Andrew works from home with me I typically plan my errands and grocery shopping midday when Hollyn is napping so I have the opportunity to take Emery with me to have some one on one time. It's not often we do additional things outside of those outings but we went to the movies last week, which she loved, and we've gone once or twice to get our nails down without her brother or sister in tow. Her love language is quality time so it means so much to her having me without fighting for attention.

Anymore babies? Your little girls are the cutest and I think you need another.

No more babies! We have sealed the deal on that one and won't be having another biological baby between us. We are really passionate about adoption and fostering so we're been praying and researching those avenues and what would be right for our home at this point. In our current season, we're feeling fulfilled and done but the future may change that!

How do you keep track of all your oil recipes?

I use the Notes app on my iPhone to track all my favorite, tried and true blends so I can duplicate and make it over and over again! I've also found cute notebooks, like this or this and will jot them down. I think that will be the better route to track them overall over time since it's something we're digging into and trying new things every day!