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When I ask people the area of life they're looking for support in from oils, 9/10 times the response is with sleep. It's pretty common in our world today sleep has taken a back burner and people don't make it a priority as much as they should. Evenings are spent dug into phones, TV's or tablets versus winding down without the blue lights stimulating their brains and in turn, keeping them up later or hindering their sleep altogether.

I've been time really figuring out which oils are best for Andrew and I plus our kiddos for really tailoring our sleep experiences to get as much as we can to be happy and healthy functioning humans so over the time doing that, I've found some favorites I wanted to share with you today!

Lavender //

The tried and true, the one everyone knows about for it's calming and grounding vibes but it's a great one for sleep. If there is one oil to get for sleep, Lavender is it. We diffuse this in every bedroom at night and other oils with it but we will never be without it!

Vetiver //

So great for supporting deeper and more restful sleep overall so this oil is one I use right on our feet at bedtime for extra love and we diffuse this with Lavender

Roman Chamomile //

Do you hear often how people tend to opt for a hot tea before bed, typically being chamomile? It's because it's a great resource and tool for aiding your sleep each and every night so this oil is a ticket right to that, as well. I got this oil originally as a promo and completely fell in love!

Dream Catcher //

Yes, this is pricey but honestly paired with Vetiver and Lavender, I don't think I could say we get good sleep regularly. The blend just mentioned is the go-to for our master bedroom and it's one I start about 20 minutes before I'm ready to head in there and when I do, it's so soothing, calming, relaxing and totally sets the night for restfulness.

Tranquil //

A roll-on blend with Cedarwood, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile so it's exactly what you need to apply directly on your wrists, and behind ears to dose off to sleep peacefully.

Raven //

Not sleep related but I love this oil each and every night for applying on my chest to support my breathing. It's similar to a vicks so it's icy/hot, invigorating feel opens airways so nicely and really has become a staple in my night.

Thieves //

Last thing I always use is Thieves for all the immune support. Again, not sleep related but I'll do all I can to avoid feeling "blah" so this goes down my spine and on the bottoms of my feet every morning and night.


Stay away from TV, phones, tablets... etc and opt for a book or devotional. I try to spend my evenings away from those things overstimulating my brain so I can promote better sleep. As a mom of three, working from home and needing to be "on" and a self starter, that always helps me be more productive and efficient the next day after sleeping well!

Do you have any oils you love for sleep or nightly routines you find helpful for catching those zzz's?

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