A couple months ago I was having a day that was all sorts of overwhelming, I felt like I was barely treading water and was struggling how to put into action what was piling up on my to-do list. That in turn made me stressed out and snappy and was seeping into every area of life.

My husband gently said I am really good at creating my action items but not great at the follow through. Wow. He was right and I was so appreciative him speaking that truth to me. I always welcome his input and feedback because I get short sighted easily and let things get to me so when he tends to be a voice of reason, it calms my storm. Anyone else this way?

Anyway, I've since then been trying to schedule in every detail of my day on our Google calendar so when I have things piling over, it's all mapped out through the calendar with time and Trello with actionable steps. I've also hired some help to implement a few things and it's been huge for myself and my business.

All that said, I always give myself grace. I think that's my word for life. My life word - is that a thing? Grace knowing life happens, kids happen, events and busyness happen and through all of that I can give myself grace and take a deep breath to just watch and soak in all that's going on around me. That's hard to do sometimes with tasks bouncing around in my head but also so good for me and my marriage specifically to know I'm not allowing the excess of work load to build a wall between my husband and I.