In June we spent 8 days away from our babies, 7 of which were cruising through Alaska and Canada on a vacation we were gifted from Young Living. Yep, a whole week gifted to us from a company we work for and have a business with and I'm still in shock sharing that's our reality right now.

I became a member with YL in 2017 but never thought I'd pursue the business but January 2018 I said "why not share something we love and use everyday?" and BOOM, our baby was born. Something that's given us crazy freedom both financially and with our time and it's quite literally a pinch me experience everyday when I think back about our journey through it all. In just 7 months we had the income for the opportunity having Andrew not working. In 11 months, we hit the rank of Platinum which has brought us such fire for things we're passionate about through giving back and how we're tangibly able to do that now with our income there.

We aren't stopping and will be pursuing this for a lifetime now. We're blessed, empowered, supported and making big changes with our household alongside so many other people who choose us to be their leaders and point person every single day.

We've now been doing the business 18 months but in our first 11 months in, we've won 4 all expenses paid vacations for both myself and Andrew and are on track for a 5th happening in January 2020. We are grateful. Like words can't even describe our gratitude for Young Living and what's it's done for our home.

Seattle is where our ship docked from so we flew in Thursday evening, was put up in the Sheraton by our dear friend along with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us and we were able to head out for dinner, explore downtown a bit and seriously loved how beautiful our view was from the hotel alongside the accommodations we had while there. I haven't been to Seattle since I was really young so seeing it with a new lens was so beautiful and refreshing. I loved all the peonies and the market, I ate seafood (which I normally don't like) and had some yummy coffee right by the OG Starbucks.

Young Living went all out and made tons of custom touches throughout the ship with logos, branding, celebrating 25 years in business and all restaurants and bars were stocked with NingXia Red and Vitality oils! It was honestly the coolest thing seeing how intentional the company was to make this cruise and trip memorable and special for all the people in attendance.

I'll be honest and say I've not really been one to have friends who are girls so when I chose to do this business I didn't think I would mesh a ton with everyone else and just do it on my own terms. The one thing I didn't expect was actually meeting some of my dearest friends doing this. I went on the cruise with a business builder of mine, one who started at the same time I did, Dani, and we connected immediately! Among many others I was able to meet IG friends in real life on the ship and I've talked to them over and over since. The sisterhood and community I've been blessed by will never be lost on me. It's one of the best parts and having said YES to this business!

Not to mention, we were invited to an exclusive dinner with Young Living co-founder Mary Young. Blown away is what comes to mind, just to start. Hearing her heart and passion behind the company, why they started, how oils have helped their family and others - the testimonies are unreal! I left a 4 hour meal with tears being so impressed and honored to be working for a company like Young Living.

I can't fully put into words how my heart has been impacted by this company and this trip. At the most needed time to reset, get away, breathe a little deeper and find peace and the presence of Jesus, we were blessed to have this opportunity. It's a vacation Andrew and I both will never forget and it's all because we said yes to an opportunity. I cry happy tears often thinking through the depth of that and what it means for our family.

I opened up a little Q&A box on Instagram about the cruise so I wanted to make sure to have a hub all about it for reference - here you go, friends!


Must see spots of the trip?
Juneau, AK there is an excursion to do a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier and while we didn't do that, I wish we had! It was a pretty penny and because we were unsure if we'd be seasick, we didn't want to spend it and then not use it. If we could go back, I'd add that! Dawes Glacier was also the most gorgeous day cruising through. I was seriously shocked and so impressed by it's magnitude and because we won this trip, we were invited to a private viewing party of the glacier at the front of the boat and had the best seats to enjoy it.

Will you do an Alaskan cruise again?
I don't think a cruise would be our ideal vacation in the future so I would say no. Why? Cruises are for active vacationers - in my opinion. There is always something to do on the ship, games, events, shows.. etc and while that's a lot of fun, Andrew and I are relaxing vacationer so a beach is more our pick.

Cruise line?
Royal Caribbean, ship Ovation of the Seas

Did you do specific excursions or just visit the ports on your own?
We didn't do any excursions! In Skagway there was a train ride people raved about and was on the more inexpensive side of the budget and I would've loved to do the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC but I woke up with really intense menstrual cramps that day and didn't want do to anything. TMI - but truly.

Are the waters generally more rocky in Alaska?
We talked to a couple of the crew members about this because one night on the ship we felt it was rocky and they laughed at us saying it was nothing. Ha! Apparently the European cruises have insanely rocky waters and they shared some stories they felt they were going to die sooo they all confirmed, Alaska is not a rocky cruise. You also stay really close to the shoreline so you typically are always seeing land around you with the exception of a couple days cruise at sea.

What excursions did you do?
Nothing - see above! We're lazy vacationers but if we could go back, I'd do the helicopter to the glacier.

What was your favorite part?
No kids. Just kidding! We really enjoyed the wildlife and seeing how incredible the waters are in Alaska! I couldn't believe how green and lush the land was and bright blue the water was. We saw whales, sea lions, Dawes Glacier - so much beauty in what God created and I'm so grateful we experienced that first hand. We also had a balcony off our room so I would grab a blanket and bury on the balcony just watching and soaking in the cool air - hands down, favorite.

Good idea bringing the kids or opt for just you and your spouse?
I air on the side of a vacation with kids is not vacation, it's a trip so with that mindset (I may be alone here) Andrew and I always opt for no kids when we have the ability. Since this was a gift from Young Living for him and I, we would've had to pay for the kids and for that, it would've been out of our price range for a typical family vacation.

What amenities are on the ship?
There is so much and this all depends on the cruise line and specific ship you are on. Ours included 3 pools, a gym, spa, all the shows, games, casino, meals (we did a drink package, too!), plus you could do shopping they had on one of the decks with designers watches, purses, jackets - the works. Every time we left the room we would come back to it nice and tidy, swag from Young Living to enjoy and a plate of fruit for snacking on. Our guy was named Joel and was seriously so kind!