metal beds - walmart | bedding - beddy's | art - minted | pillows (in store only)- at home | dolls - cuddle and kind | shelves + storage bins (old) - crate and kids | wood signage - kinch design co. | wall decals - urban walls | curtains (in grey) - anthropologie

We did it! We switched the girlies over to a shared bedroom about 2 months ago and while it was a long drawn out decision to finally do it, I'm happy we did! In our current home we have the bedroom space for everyone to have their own but not a set out office space and while it worked good for us in the master, I wanted a room for Andrew and I both to be able to hide away and get things checked off our to-do list. That alone was my motivating factor and in my head I was worried about the girls adjusting but there was nothing to worry about.

All went well, the girls first started with Hollyn in her crib and Emmy in her twin but about 2 weeks in, we switched sis to her twin bed so they both were good to go. Best decision! Hollyn is so lax and chill and Emery is very OCD and first born so there were a few snags of Hollyn talking at bedtime and Emery yelling at her "Go to sleep!! Mom!! Hollyn isn't going to sleep" - but minor snags! ;)

We updated the decor when they moved into this room which was originally Hollyn's room. I love the dresser as it was my in-laws first dresser when they got married. Plus the storage and shelving is so cute and functional, it made sense to do this room which more neutral elements.

I was so excited to add a statement wall and picked the Eden decals from Urban Walls. I am so in love with the warm, dusty mauve and orange tones right now so this was speaking my language!! I just had to make it happen. We did one order and they're all separate pieces so I was able to get creative and move things around to display exactly how I wanted. Two hours later and I was freaking obsessed. Literally beaming with how stunning it turned out - and so easy to apply!

We're about 5 weeks post getting this room all together and styled and they are constantly playing in here, reading books, playing dress up and using their cute dollhouse. Plus Emery invites anyone who comes over to look her the pretty flowers on the wall so that's a win - worth the time it took to strategize how I wanted them placed.

Do you have your little ones sharing a space? Do you love it? Regret it?