We had the best time a couple weeks ago in Rocky Point, Mexico. Andrew and I had gotten back from Alaska the week before, celebrated his dad's life that weekend and then hit the road and drove to our nearest beach 3.5 hours away from us in Arizona. We always have the best time down there and normally try doing a weekend away, just us, but needed some good, solid family time with our cuties.

I can't quite explain the shift for me this trip but it was peaceful and intentional and just so relaxing and fun. We all enjoyed each other so much, made memories I think our kids will look back on for years to come and it was a great way to really escape a for a few days after emotions were high as we've been adjusting to Andrew's dad going home to Jesus.

I'm grateful. We get only a handful of summers with our kids and I'm wanting to make sure they look back and love them all.