Happy Friday! Last week I posted I grabbed a handful of DND gel polish when they had a labor day sale so naturally, I had a lot of questions about at home gel manis. I will be the first to say, I go in kicks of wanting to get my nails done at the salon but every time I do, it's always gel and I'm never happy. I tend to be happier when I just paint them myself at home so I finally grabbed a light and a handful of colors I'm rotating at the salon and BAM. I'm set!

Here is everything to shop and then you can of course, shop DNDgel.com for these colors above.

You for sure want a base and top coat to have the polish adhere and set better. Don't skimp on this step and personally, I like the DND base and top coat combo best. I find it having the best results. The polish you use doesn't matter as much when you're using a good base and top coat.

Step One -
Make sure your nails are free of any remaining polish, push back and trim cuticles and then rough up your nail bed a bit with a nail file. This helps the base coat stick better!

Step Two -
Less is more!! When you are applying your polish, go light and layer if you need to and remember when applying be careful to avoid skin and wipe any excess off before putting your hand under the light to set. Apply your base coat and slip one hand at a time into your light and let it set for 60 seconds.

Step Three -
Apply 2-3 coats of your polish choice letting them set for 60 seconds between each coat under the LED/UV light.

Step Four -
Apply your top coat, again, less is more. Wipe any excess before setting under the light and finishing off for 60 seconds.

Step Five -
Using rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball, rub your nails clean to remove any stick residue left after your polish has set and voila! You're done!

For a fraction of the cost, you're now able to accomplish beautiful gel nails at home! They tend to last me 7-10 days which is the same timeframe they last me when I go to the salon. When I'm ready to remove them, I grab acetone, small tin foil pieces and cotton balls. Scuff up the polish with a nail file, soak cotton balls in acetone and then wrap each individual nail with tin foil and let sit 8-10 minutes. They will become goopy and you'll easily be able to file off the rest of the remaining polish before prepping your nail beds to paint again.