We did it! We had a mishap with our couch a few months ago that meant it was time to finally buy a new one. We loved our previous one from American Furniture Warehouse but life... ie: kids throwing up means it's time to say goodbye and get something a little more durable and easy to clean. I had always always always pictures soft and light and bright for our couches. Cloth and a light linen or suede and then I start couch hunting and I kept drawing to a dark cognac leather. It felt very bold and very out of my comfort zone but I couldn't stop thinking about them when I was looking and finally bit the bullet.

This was Andrew's pick right away. Leather is his dream and honestly, I was so sick of the light fabric couches everyone has. I am over the farmhouse looking style and want to really hone in on what draws me in. I can't quite pin point what I'd call my style but when I'm shopping I think a little rustic, eclectic and vintage with some softer dainty touches. That doesn't even make sense when I type it out but ultimately, I want people to walk in our home and feel comfortable. I want it to be inviting and cozy and like they want to cozy up on the couch with a blanket and feel at home.

This couch did that for me.

We had been shopping for about a month both online and in stores and we had been to Living Spaces 3 times before looking at this couch. It just didn't feel right. We actually were there to buy it and then I saw this Burton leather sectional. But shocker - it was out of stock. So we left empty handed. That night I was looking online at 2am and it dawned on me how it was advertised as a sectional and that showed out of stock but when you look at the individual pieces, the sofa and corner was available!! It was the love seat size that wasn't and lucky for me, I want 2 of the sofa sizes anyway to make it a bigger sectional than advertised. I immediately got up and added it all to my cart on my computer and first thing when Andrew woke up that morning we ordered! It came the next day and I've been in Burton cognac leather heaven ever since.

Really though, it's cozy and plush and BOLD and inviting and exactly what I pictured. And even a little boho. It checks off the eclectic piece of my style perfectly. So if you're shopping, you can view the collection of this couch over here!