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This is long overdue and something I get questions on often because I think I have a balance of doing things to help maintain and ease up my everyday load but also with moderation. Maybe that's all in my head but I'm going to lay it all out there for you with what I do regularly, every 6 months and annually.


I get these done periodically throughout the year and it depends on if I'm dying to rub my eyes on if I do lash extensions or Flutter Habit. About a year ago I had a hybrid set of lashes which was my favorite look and have been doing them back and forth for about 4 years. I definitely love the look and the ease of this and fills every 3 weeks. My girl is a gem and such a dear friend of mine so it's a treat going to see her and get some time in while maintaining something from my regular routine. She's in the Glendale/Peoria area in Arizona. It shaves off about 5 minutes of my makeup timeline in the mornings and helps me feel much more put together days I don't have makeup on.

FlutterHabit is great if you want lashes you can do at home and wear for a few days. You can do it subscription based or purchase as you please and when I use those, I love the Shorties or Sweetheart style. They take a bit of getting used to applying but they have really great videos showing you how with tips and tricks! You can save 10% on FlutterHabit using this link.


Carly has been a gift to my life not only because she makes me feel like I look like I've slept but also in the friend department. I've been seeing her for nearly 6 years now every 6 months or so and from the time I started going to her, she always makes my desires a priority. Looking back, there was a time I felt like I was doing too much (filler and dysport) and trying to look a certain way and while it was only a season, I reflect seeing it wasn't me and not how I want to look now.

I'm all for finding the balance and doing what makes you happy with your routine and if that's getting botox and filler or surgeries, good for you. If it's not but still wanting something to look a little less aggressive or wrinkled in the face, go girl! Hear my heart when I say I've been on both extremes and while I'm in a season of not doing botox/dysport, I know in the future I'll be adding it into my regular routine again here and there because I just feel so much more awake looking and Carly does an incredible job making you look natural. She is at MD Beauty Spa in Scottsdale if you're ready to book - tell her I sent you!


Jordan at The Bronzing Room is the queen at bronzing babes and you will love having her in your contact list to give you the most natural and gorgeous sunkissed look! She has so many options for tanning needs and is just the sweetest gal. You feel comfortable and seen with her and it's always quick, efficient and professional appointments. I see Jordan and get a spray tan really only for special events, like a vacation or a wedding but I have many local friends who go to her every couple weeks and maintain a gorgeous glow year around.

She's located in Vistancia in North Peoria and books quick! Contact her for your bronzing needs well before your event to make sure she can get you on the books.


I started doing facials every 4 weeks back in October with Lisa and wow. I don't know why I never made this a priority before but having gone for 6+ months now and seeing how much it's impacted my overall skin texture, coloring, breakouts and glow, it's worth every penny. I alternate between doing a hydrating/soothing facial with a hydrojelly mask and microdermabrasion every other visit. I've never been more comfortable leaving my skin untouched on a regular basis and feel much more confident without makeup. Total mood booster when you feel confident in your skin.


Amanda has been my gal for microblading for 6 years! She also started with me back after I had Hollyn in 2016 and is just amazing at what she does. You can see my first post with her, here with before and afters. Since then, I see her annually to touch up and shade my brows and every time I'm just blown away. Eyebrows make such a big difference in your face and frame it out so well when done right. She's known as the top microblading gal in Arizona and deserves all the praise! Book here


Just a couple weeks ago I went to Bright White Smiles AZ to see Nicolle for natural teeth whitening. It was such a pleasant experience for both myself and my husband. Since then, a few friends have booked and used her as well and have nothing but great things to say, too. She comes from the dental field and is so knowledgeable with treatment, how to avoid sensitivity, protocols for after whitening and the best part is she uses natural whitening tools so you're not filling your mouth with chemicals and such. You can mention my name for 20% off your services with her and I can assure you, we will be going back at the 12 month mark to freshen up again.

Okay! I think that covers the big things I do on a regular basis and how I like to freshen myself up here and there. All in moderation, all doing what you feel right about. It feels like such imposter syndrome sometimes when we see and hear so much about routines and what we should be doing from people on social media but please remember, this never needs to be your reality. I look back 4-5 years ago and cringe a bit because there was this mold I tried fitting in. So much growth has happened in my head and heart since then and I'm grateful for staying strong in how I feel on it all now. You are beautiful, you are loved, you are chosen and the daughter of the Most High God. Hugs!