Remember a few weeks ago I had the itch to paint the girls room? Well I did and then I knew we needed a POP of something. Something whimsy and soft but bold enough to just make it absolutely stunning. I went with this Black and White Floral peel and stick wallpaper from Anewall because we've used them in the past and always have great success. It added just such a beautiful touch and I couldn't be happier with it.

FAQs -

can it be applied to textured walls?
+ they advice not to do this but we’ve done 4 wall murals from them and always done it on textured walls. 😜

does it come off easy?
+ yes! such a great option for renters to make it feel more homey and just peel when you’re moving out or as homeowners if you want to change things up.

does it damage the walls?
+ we’ve removed 2 of the murals before with zero damage. a couple spots of paint want peeled off but nothing major & easily fixed with some fresh paint.

is it wallpaper or vinyl?
+ this specific one we did it vinyl but every design Anewall offers is up to you to choose: pre-pasted wallpaper, peel & stick or traditional wallpaper. you decide!