photography by @annaelainephotography / jumper PinkBlush #ad #shoppinkblush #pbambassador

You're seeing a lot more of me on the blog lately and it's because I realize as life thing happen, I think I document them which really is a nice reflection to look back on years later but in reality, I spaced documenting and then when I'm in a pinch looking for a recipe or an outfit or game we loved, I can't find it quickly on my blog. So here I am, making more of an effort to get in this space and share things I'm loving and know I'll want to look back on for inspiration.

What am I loving right now? Jumpers for summer. It's not quite at the peak of heat yet still being in May but when it does heat up, I know I'll be grabbing this jumper with a simple lacey bralette and sandals because it's easy. I feel put together yet I still feel comfortable.

It's been a funny shift over the last 2-3 years for me. I think I was in such a season of postpartum after my girls so getting dressed looked a lot like leggings and crew neck sweatshirts. Did I ever feel put together and stylish in them? No. lol shocker. Was I comfortable? Yes. But a shift happened probably late 2020 and I felt myself desiring to curate a closet that had purpose and intention with what was brought in with two main requirements: style and comfort. Over the last couple years now it's been a joy to be more selective and picking pieces I know hit that mark and in turn, I'm much more confident quickly grabbing something to wear and feeling at peace in it.

That's a game changer. I hope you can find that joy dressing yourself, too. Use code AUBREYKINCH25OFF for a discount shopping PinkBlush right here.