It really is crazy just typing it out that Drake, my dude, turned 17 a couple weeks ago. I came into his life when he was 4 years old and spending the last decade+ growing a relationship together is something so special.

He's been asking for his room at our new(ish) house to be painted dark so while him and Andrew we're on a 24 hour road trip to Colorado buying a 1929 Ford hot rod - more on that later - I knew it was my chance to knock it out. They left at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon and I was in there by 6pm painting until 3am. Monday was decorating date and styling so when they got home at 8pm Monday evening, he walked into a brand new refreshed space he'd been asking.

He's had Beddy's for the last 4 years so it was a no brainer to stick to that and I got the Erin set and then pieced together a few throw blankets, pillow covers and I think it turned out so beautifully! It feels masculine and bold but of course, the material itself is just so cozy. Code AUBREY will get you 15% off anytime you shop at Beddy's

Now for the paint detail, we used Sherwin Williams Greenblack in a satin finish. We actually had this leftover from painting our kitchen island and our outdoor kitchen so I just didn't want to spend anything more and use the resources I had on hand. What do you think? My goal was pulling in the dark he envisioned, a couple of his favorite artists with decor and plants to make it all pop. I'd say it was worth it and he was elated.