I used to say I wasn't going to marry or have kids until my 30's but here I am married with a step-son at 22. I realize on a daily basis that this is who I am. I love being a wife. I love being a mom. I love having the men in my life and I can thank God for all of it.
Andrew and I met when I was 11yrs old. I grew up dancing with his sister where her and I became pretty close friends. Over the years Andrew and I had spoken maybe 10 words to each other; it was always because I was so dang nervous around him! He was my crush for a looooooong time. In September 2009 God had our paths cross again and almost immediately, we were inseperable.
They say "when you know, you know" and it truly was that kind of relationship for us. He was my best friend from day one, my biggest supporter, my shoulder to cry on and the person I wanted to spend my life with. Andrew asked my dad for my hand in marrige December 2009.
We were engaged December 23, 2009.
When I promised my life to Andrew October 1, 2010 I didn't take it lightly. We went through a few months of marriage conseling before the I do's and I was so thankful for God to lay that on our hearts. It taught us so much during our engagement about having the Lord the center of our marriage. I was never the girl to have the desires to live my life traditionally but God worked miracles in my heart late 2009 until our wedding and I am about as close to Pleasantville as you can get.
I love being a {housewife}.
I desire making meals.
I desire doing laundry.
I desire giving my husband a massage.
I desire cleaning the house.
I desire dressing up to please my husband's eye.
I desire putting my husband's needs before mine.
I desire making him a priority when we have children.
Through thick and thin.
Til death do us part.
Those vows will forever be in my heart through this walk of life that I am so blessed to experience with an amazing man. I praise God for Andrew. He's been a blessing to me and has worked a small miracle with helping me adapt to a fulfilling life as a spouse and wife.
[Wives, submit to your husband as you do to the Lord.]
Ephesians 5:22