She's not just a JOB.

January 31, 2012

I am very blessed to be a nanny.
Yep, there are those days I want to scream out of frustration and defeat but
 I am the most fulfilled and rewarded with this job than any other.

I started as Elle's in-home nanny when she was 2 months old; She's now 20 months.
Looking at pictures I can't believe I've been there from the beginning!

I saw her crawl first.
I witnessed her first steps.
I comforted her when she got her first bruise.
I teach her the word of God.
I helped her learn to eat with a fork.
I weened her from formula to milk.
I discipline her.
I reward her for good behavior.
I make her sit in time out when she's acting like a DIVA.

She's like my own.

[first time crawling with some incentive of a paci]

[becoming a little character]

[life as of now]


  1. what a little cutie she is! :)

  2. Precious!
    I used to want to be a nanny SO bad!

    I'm settling for becoming an elementary school teacher instead :)

  3. Oh what a sweet little girl!
    How lucky are you!
    She'll love you forever, what a special bond!

  4. She's adorable!!!
    What an awesome job you have!
    SO jealous!

  5. Loved this post! The last video is SO cute and silly! You'll be a wonderful Mamma to your future babies!

  6. What a cutie patootie!

  7. I just found you from And They Lived Happily Ever After. I'm a nanny too (have been for 3 families over the last 4 years)! It's such a rewarding job - what a cutie you have!