Well we all know by now I'm loving the mustache.
Let me clarify...
I don't love the mustache my husband grows cause it's blonde and he looks like a molester.
I love the simple black silhouette.
So geeky, fun and ME.

I mentioned a few posts back [here] that I made a stache pillow for my step-son's room when we recently re-vamped it. Here are the steps I took to accomplished this cute and cheap item!

I purchased this black OUTDOOR paint for $.50 at Michael's
I chose outdoor so it will be more durable with use.

Grab some different sized paint brushes.
These I already had but I bought them at Michael's a few years back. If I remember correctly, the bag was $12-15??
Somewhere around there.

Plain cream pillow
I purchased mine at Ikea 2011

Find a mustache picture you're loving.
This happens to be the image I've used for my blog layout.

Free hand your stache with a pencil on the pillow.
[use a pencil so you can erase mistakes as you go]
If you don't trust yourself with that, trace the stache onto some paper, cut it out, and trace directly onto the pillow.

You'll end up with something like this.
I wanted my stache to be mid-size but you can alter yours to whatever you desire.

Throw some paint into a bowl and trace the outline with a tiny brush; you'll need quite a bit of paint cause the pillow absorbs a lot. If you're going for a more "distressed" look, don't make the outline/fill so full. 

This is what you'll end up with. I don't mind it being a little sloppy cause I'll be filling in with the following step.

Grab a large brush.... fill it in!

Let it dry and VOILA!

Enjoy your handsome mustache pillow!

Like I said, super cute and cheap; are you all making yours this weekend??

Contact me if you have questions!