If you read this, you know that I lost a very special someone this past year.
You'll also know from reading here that it was something extrememly hard for me to swallow.

Last night my family [dad, mom, Sean, Sami, Andrew and I] went to his home to do a full top to bottom cleaning to help The Waibel Family out as they live in New Mexico.
Ummm, let me just say emotional.

I've come to terms that this man has moved on.
I've realize we can't change what happened.
I cherish those moments I had with him.

But I regret not having enough of those moments.

Going through each room I kept thinking about growing up a street away from Uncle Jim and how I grew up watching him as a role model in my life. I thought about him being part of my graduation and wedding and how my own children will never know the man I looked forward to seeing. They'll never know the man I rode my bike to daily.
It saddens my heart but I need to remember this is what God wanted.

This chapter is finally closing and it's something I've been struggling with how to end exactly.
 Do I write more stories of times I spent with him?
Do I try to forget the memories I have of him?
Do I act as if nothing is wrong and I'm just fine??
What about saying a prayer thanking the Lord for taking him from suffering and asking Him to give me strength as time moves forward?

That's the one.

Maybe you have someone or a situation you're trying to close a chapter with;
I encourage you to say a little prayer and trust in God.