This last holiday season I wasn't much in the mood for decorating for Christmas which is a SHOCKER cause that's all I normally look forward to throughout the year. So now that Christmas is over and the holidays have passed I was so excited when I found all the new spring decor at Target [I know, I was at Target- crazy]. I was basically jumping up and down in the store cause I loved what I saw; I even called my mom and was practically hypervenilating telling her about all the great things they have available.

After we got our dining set for Christmas I went to Target.... [again] for some great beaded placemats that I had been dying to purchase!
[Target Noel Christmas Collection 2011; $15.99each]

I was loving these guys.... for the 9 days I had them?? :(
After using them ONCE the beads were literally falling off, everywhere. I about cried. Thankfully Target has some great return options and I got some store credit [YAY]. I was rejoicing when I saw the spring stuff cause now I didn't have to spend a dime having the store credit from the failed placemats.

Many of you have seen pictures of our home [if you haven't, check it out here] and know it's all basic, neutral stuff with pops of green throughout. I have been wanting to bring in teal for quite some time to spice it up a bit and guess what?? Target had some amazing options!

Look at my great finds:

[placemats; Target $2.99]

[teal damask pillow; Target $19.99]

[basic teal pillow; Target $19.99]

That's all I got in the teal to throw around the house but then I went to Lowe's and grabbed some teal spray paint and simply sprayed a few items to add more pops of color.

[lowe's $4.98]

[K monogram was originally gold from Hobby Lobby; $2.99]

[candle sticks were a wedding gift purchased at Target Fall, 2010]

[frame was black from Ross; $.99]

 I also grabbed some chevron patterned pillows in a basic cream and white to throw in our master bedroom. I'm planning on painting one accent wall in there in a dark brown and cream with the chevron pattern so I thought these would be great to add some fun.
[chevron pillow; Target $19.99]

[Target also had these pillows in teal and light pink chevron]

[lamp; Target Spring 2011- $19.99]
[shade; Ross Spring 2011- $.99]
[vase; Ikea Fall 2008- $3.99]
[flower; Hobby Lobby Spring 2011- $.50]

All in all, I am so pleased with how our house has been spruced up and is nice and bright. The teal and green work great together and I spent a total of... $.32! WOW. What a no brainer. I hope you like what I've done and get some good ideas for your home this Spring!