It seems like lately with life being so crazy the last few months, my husband and I have been letting all the excess shenanigans get to us. Yes, shenanigans. It's a silly way to refer to all the chaos of life but that's the word I feel best suits it.

Back in October life hit hard. My Uncle Jim went missing and that chapter in my life closed 
[it was a sad, sad time].
Our home was broken into and since then I feel...violated... being in our home alone. If that makes sense.
BUT life is too short to let it all slow us down and to get caught up in it!
Last night the hubs and I had a heart to heart.
This is rare cause he's not one to really communicate about his feelings and I'm one who wears my heart on my sleeve. This isn't saying we don't talk about life and have meaningful conversations [duh]; it simply is stating we are blessed and haven't had many obstacles we've both felt pain from since our journey began [praise the Lord for that!] 
We have come to a place where we've been hit with a reality check.
What's the point in wasting energy on the materialistic things in life?
It's always getting bigger and better so you'll never be completely satisfied.
What's the point in kicking someone when they're down only causing more pain and resentment?
All you're doing is losing a valued relationship.
My husband stated it so beautifully... he feels convicted for not enjoying life and letting everything stress him out. God is knocking at his door saying "let it go, Andrew".
 I couldn't agree more.
There are so many things in life I am tense and concerned about. I have anxiety and stress DAILY.
It's that time for Andrew and I to embrace being 22&24 and embrace the love we have for each other and for life. The love we have for our families and amazing friends!

God has worked seamlessly in our hearts to enjoy all he's given us. It now time for us to realize it and take life head on and ready for a party! ;)

God is good, always.
Does everyone else feel like they struggle in the same way??