I pull into the neighborhood late yesterday afternoon
and guess what I pull up to?!

We were told it wouldn't be arriving until early Saturday morning so I was literally hugging the grass.
Drake looked at me like "I do NOT know you."
The giddyness started then.

This big pot was put in last weekend as our firepit.
The digging was relentless.

They were glowing in accomplisment when that project was complete.
Doing their Captain Morgan!
& yes, we enjoyed some Captain after that bad boy was in the ground
{Try Captain with Monster; Rehab. You won't be disappointed.}

Saturday AM:
soooooo excited.
My dad kept making fun of me cause
 I was bouncing around like a kid in a candy store.

We were so blessed to have lots of family over to help!
So many thanks to:
Dad Sorber
Mom & Dad Kinch
We knocked this whole sucker out in 3 hours with everyone hands on.

Brutus has been back and forth nonstop all afternoon.
He is TOO ready for some sweet grass.
Running in circles, constantly.
No joke.

Andrew's sweet Agave plant.

Welcome to Casa Kinch
BBQ's will be 7PM Fridays.
All are welcome.

So there you have it.
Finality is sweet bliss.

Happy Weekend my loves.