Do you ever feel like as a Christian you are judged?
Talked down to?
Feel trapped?
I do.
Our church is working on a series called:
Simple enough, right?
200,000,000 Christians are currently suffering for their faith.
165,000 Christians will die this year for their faith.
75% of all religious presecution is against Christians.

Shouldn't we as Christians be confident in our Faith?
Be willing to die for Jesus as He did for us?

I won't lie. It makes me a bit uneasy knowing those statistics but
I'm CRAZY in love with the Lord.
If it weren't for His grace we wouldn't be freed today.

Let me tell you a story...
I grew up in the church. My mom worked on staff and did from when I was a baby until I was in high school. I went to church loving Christ as my savior all throughout elementary school but something happened in middle school.
I was judged.
I was denied friendships because I believed in Jesus Christ.
I spoke openly about my faith and it got me no where.

I was a cheerleader, competetive dancer, people pleaser, so church took a back seat.
I did what everyone else was doing to keep friendships.
To keep people from making fun of me for being a faithful follower of Christ.

Middle school, high school, college, and I still hadn't recommitted my life to the Lord.
His lifestyle screamed at me to get my faith in check.

I'm not kidding when I say I fought it.
I wanted nothing to do with going to church weekly and nothing to do with praying for anything and everything, nothing to do with accepting Christ again.
But God worked some amazing miracles in my heart.
He made sure I was back to screaming my love for Him all through Andrew's committment to me.

It's funny looking back how rocky my life was when I strayed from the Lord.
How simple it is to put all your trust into Him because HE IS FAITHFUL.

It's a fact that most brothers and sisters in Christ come to the Lord committing their life to Him because of others personal testimonies. I'm proof of that!
I challenge you to START TALKING if you are crazy in love with the Lord;
Tell your friends and family members how you came to Him.
Let's make Jesus famous.
Let's be the radical change and UNLEASH our love for Christ!
We know as Christians all our sins stacked and added up are no comparison for the love Jesus Christ has for us. His love is hurtling towards all of us with heavenly force.
Anyone can be saved.

And for those of you who haven't accepted Him into your hearts:
How long will it take of being beaten down, discouraged and hurt before you can surrender your ALL to our Heavenly Father? When will you take the plunge to be fully devoted to Jesus Christ?

I hope my story maybe gives one of you
Faith you may be missing,
Hope for a better tomorrow,
Belief that the Lord CAN & WILL save you,
as long as you commit to Him.

I love the outfit I wore to church Sunday, I'll take that top in every color. Thanks.

& yes, Brutus is a creep.