Elle does the ER.

March 20, 2012

I pull into the neighborhood I work in yesterday morning a few minutes early.
I find my boss, Myles, driving like a maniac.
He stops-- rolls the window down and proceeds to inform:

"Elle cut her eye! It's so bad, she needs something! There's a key under the mat just hang out- will keep you updated!"

Ummm... okay??

Friday they asked me to move the glass coffee table back into the family room cause Elle is older and not a wobbly little one anymore; we all figured she could handle it. No big deal!

Oh, but we were wrong!!

I walked into the house to find bloody towels EVERYWHERE.
Things were thrown around as they tried getting all they needed heading out to the hospital.
All I could think was
"how bad is it going to be?"

I get the house cleaned up, laundry started, dishes done.... still nothing.
2 hours later Jenny texts me saying:
"Getting 3 stitches now... hopefully home in the next hour!
Please move the coffee table back to Master Room!!"
done & done.

The 3 of them come home and all I hear is Elle laughing...
Wait-- why is she laughing??
Well she was drunk off some medicine.
Jenny put her down and she giggled and wobbled over to me for hugs and kisses.
I couldn't help but laugh at how silly she was!
She was the drunk girl on a Friday night-- saying things she'll never remember!

Got her some food, threw on Toy Story and 20 minutes later babes was snuggling with me sleeping.
I'm so proud of this little one for taking on the ER head on!
She was a trooper!
& has a sexy shiner now.
What a BAMF.

Prayers are always appreciated for a fast recovery!


  1. Poor thing! At least the scar will be hidden by her eyebrow!! What a trooper!!

  2. She is such a cutie, even with her poor little eye! Praying she recovers fast (:

  3. Oh... and on a side note, I just put 2 and 2 together that we are both full time nannies! (:

    1. I had no idea!! How funny! We are definitely very similar.... haha!

  4. Aww poor thing! She still looks a like a doll however :)


  5. Aw that poor baby! Glad shes ok!!

  6. She will have a cute scar...I have a similar one from when I was four and fell into a bed side table... hope she recovers fast!

  7. You told this story perfectly. I LOVED IT! Prayers are being said for her!!!

  8. Oh goodness! Prayers for her recovery! She is such a trooper!

  9. aw poor baby!! she is such a trooper. and so beautiful!!

  10. you have the cutest little life!!!

    i adore your blog.

    and you and your hubs are smokin ;)

    love this!

  11. Poor lil' sweetie! I'm surprised it was only 3 stiches, looks rough! Hope it heals quickly!!