10K is nearing.

April 27, 2012

I have never been the "athlete". I won't get in to the details of that story now cause it's been posted HERE so go get caught up and meet me back here....

Okay, that was January and it's almost April...

So now that I've been actively working out I wanted a challenge.
I'm running a 10K May 12th.
That's in 2 weeks.
I could throw up thinking about it.

What did I get myself into?
It's one thing doing it on my own but I needed someone to keep me accountable.
So I asked my younger cousin Madison; she's a cheerleader and about to start her Freshman year of high school. She is used to running daily so I thought she'd be great at support.
I told my dad and brother about it hiking one morning and before I knew it-- they were committing to running it too.
All I thought was: "Now I really can't bail!!!" :(

Weeks later of training.... running into trash cans training, I'm noticing change.
Change in my legs.
Change in my lungs.
Change in my lifestyle.

Running is becoming my outlet. A healthy outlet. One I look forward to taking part in and feeling a sense of loss without doing it.
That's something I never thought would be me.
Running?? You would've been crazy to suggest that!!

A few weeks back life decided to throw me in a funk-- one I'm still fighting a battle with. I was barely running and when I did, it was maybe, maaaaybe 2 miles before I'd give up. I've been dealing with migraines also, which does NOT help while running! And I was slowly losing my outlet, losing the sense of accomplishment. This past Monday, this happened:

I'm back. :)
As May 12TH nears, I find myself having good days and bad.
I notice anxiety when I think about failing.
What if I don't finish?
What if I can't run the whole way?
What if my dad beats me?! 
That will be so embarrassing!
But I'm learning to accept that complications can happen, curve balls are thrown. But I've also learned I can mentally do this. I WILL do this.

You just have to believe.


  1. You can do it! Keep you head up, you got this! :)

  2. You will do great!! I have tons of faith in you! I have never been a good runner due to bad knees and weak shins but I love it at the same time!

  3. Get it girl, you can do it!!

  4. I felt the same way when I first started running. I was feeling so good about it, felt better, and it was such an outlet. Then I got into about 3 weeks of crazy and of the semester school work and I've gotten really off task. I'm starting back on my training program next week! You can do it! I have total confidence in you, and so does your Lord! :)

  5. You will make it girl! I just got back into running and I downloaded the couch 2 5k app and I love it! I never thought I would be running like that either. Soon enough I will be signing up for my 5k not a 10k, lol not yet at least!

  6. Don't you just LOVE running?
    I wish you the greatest run!!
    I will pray for your run and your finish and that it will be everything you want it to be!
    Have a great weekend you athlete!!

  7. Love this!! Running is my favorite thing to do! It is so relaxing, and it is my "me" time! I so wish we lived near each other, we could be running buddies!! I am so excited for your run. And the fact that you are getting out there and doing it, is an achievement in itself. Good days and bad days will happen with runs, but keep pushing through...it is so worth it after the run! Cannot wait till your race day!!

  8. The race is on!

    Love, Dad

  9. Good luck Aubrey, I am sure you will do amazing! Just keep it up x

  10. You are an inspiration to me! I ran my first 5k/mud run/obstacle course last weekend {The Warrior Dash}, and it was very, very hot {fellow AZ girl here, holla!}, so I allowed myself to walk a lot of it. I knew that it would be dangerous for me to try to run the whole thing and still do well on all of the climbing obstacles.

    You've got this!

  11. I'm a relatively new runner too - I started about a year and a half ago with my very first 5K...since then I've done two more 5K's, a 10K, a mud run, a 15K, and this past May I ran my very first 25K. It's crazy how much I love it now - I'm on the hunt for my next race!