Little Man Graduates.

May 30, 2012

I was fortunate enough to marry into a family. I take the step-mom role on with all seriousness and with desires in my heart to build a strong relationship. Drake means the world to me already. After a few short years being in his life, I can say without regret, hesitation or denial that he's a blessing from God I am thankful for daily. He brings light into my world and makes my heart full. He provides happiness, laughs and a whole lot of cuddle I wouldn't ever trade.

This last year, that little man started school. Not long ago we were in his school cafeteria aquiring the 411 to Abraham Lincoln Elementary and everything we needed to know. To khaki pants, shirts tucked in, a belt worn and no mohawks-- which happened to be pretty devastating to Andrew; the 2 of them rocked some siiiiick hawks for our wedding:

which is besides the point, but we were slapped in the face by reality that Drake was growing up. He may have only had a place in my heart for a short period of time but I wanted him to succeed, achieve and accomplish anything he chose suitable during his first year learning... about girls and what's best to eat for lunch! ;)

So he sends home his little invites requesting our presences at his Kindergarten Graduation and my heart broke, fixed itself and melted a bit. Little man was going to 1ST grade. To top it off he had one for Grandma and Grandpa (on my side) and wasn't going to be content unless they were witnesses to this first big milestone of his education career. Done and done. Like promised, all who cares for the 38lbs of him was there cheering him on with tears streaming as he was annouced, walked to receive his "dipolma" and enlightened the crowd to him wanting to become an Anthropologist when he grew up.

Tears, tears, tears aaaaaand more tears.

I may only be a step-mom but I'm one proud-mama.


  1. Congratulations to Drake! And to you for taking your role of stepmom so well! The world definitely needs more people like you:)

  2. Y'all are such a sweet family! Congrats to your little man. What a big deal to be going into 1st!!!

  3. What a cool day! I can't wait for my kids to be in school, but then at the same time I can. But seeing how fun that looks I think I will smile more than cry.

  4. This is so nice- i cried a little!
    You are such a good mother - and biological or not, it doesn't matter!
    Great post!!

  5. Such a sweet post :) and an adorable family you have!

  6. What a dollbaby!! You are a beautiful family :) I would bawl my eyes out too!!!

  7. aww so sweet aubrey! drake is so lucky to have you!

  8. He is lucky to have a step mama like you! :)

    so cute!


  9. Hey, don't say it like "I may only be a step mom."
    :) Being a stepmom is one of the harder things - you have to put in more effort to be a part of the child's life and that's an amazing step.

  10. Step moms play a tough role girl!! Bravo to you!!

  11. It truly takes a special woman to be a mama.. Being a "step" mom is one of the HARDEST things to do in the world... and as we say in my house..there is NO step in family.. You are just his second mama..or mom #2..but NO step. He loves you very much and will say thank you as he gets older for ALWAYS being there for him in the big milestones. Be a PROUD mama & let EVERYONE know.


  12. I just found your blog today, and I'm already loving it. LOVING it. You and your little family are precious. My boyfriend has twin 5-year-old boys, and so I know how it feels to love a little one that's not even "yours." But they are - and it's so nice to be included in their little lives!!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future!